Chhupe Rustam

About the App

Hello aspiring actors, dancers, and singers!

Have you ever wanted to pursue your dream and get your talent recognized but lacked the correct platform?

Are you weary of standing in long queues for an audition only to find out that they’ve shut the doors on you?

While these traditional ways of talent hunting have produced many superstars, there’s only so much talent that auditions like these can accommodate. Keeping such shortcomings in mind, renowned director and producer, Mr. Prakash Jha took the initiative to come up with the app, Chhupe Rustam.

This platform is the first of its kind in India, that allows users to share their talent in the form of acting, dancing and singing via short videos and take part in various competitions, all from the comfort of their home. Various production houses and casting directors are already scouting for talent on the platform. This is your chance to stand out, get noticed, and get a chance to make your dream come true.


How does it work?

What makes Chhupe Rustam stand out is the simplicity of its idea. The interface of the app is pleasingly aesthetic and the user experience is absolutely smooth. You can download the app from Google Play store and App Store for iOS. Once the app is downloaded you can register using your Facebook Account or mobile number. The registration is completely free. We also don’t charge any sort of fee for users to be able to upload their videos. We have segregated the app into 3 segments – acting, dancing, and singing. The users can view and rate videos from these categories based on their preferences. They can also upload videos and choose the appropriate title, category, sub-category, language, and description. The users can access the trending videos, talent bay, recently uploaded videos, from the menu option on the top left corner.


How the Idea was Conceived?

Amiya Mahapatra, came with the idea and concept of this innovative app and presented his idea to Prakash Jha and CEO of PJP Sunil Agrawal. As the idea was well liked and appreciated by them, the Chhupe Rustam app and platform took shape.

Being from a humble background himself, Mr. Prakash Jha emphasizes that a huge gap still exists for talented people who cannot afford to invest time and effort in the pursuit of their dreams because of financial and family responsibilities. Going to Mumbai and leaving everything behind is a huge risk that many aspiring artists are hesitant to take, and rightfully so. This app is bridging that gap which existed because of lack of a relevant platform. We saw the need to build a platform that would make it easier and convenient for everyone to showcase and scout talent. And hence, Chhupe Rustam was created under the guidance of Mr. Prakash Jha, Sunil Agrawal, Amiya Mahapatra, Mukul Agrawal and Disha Jha.